Composition of electric heating elements

The electric heating element consists of five major components:

  • 1.Outer casing
  • 2.Heating wire
  • 3.Lead rod
  • 4.MgO powder
  • 5.Sealing material

The main function of the outer casing is to protect and form. The material of the outer casing is heat-resistant and heat-conducting; the function of the rod is conductive, fixed and connected; the function of magnesium powder is insulation and heat transfer; The most common resistance wire is composed of Ni-Cr and other alloys. the Ni-Cr material has high strength and strong plasticity at high temperature. The wire is wound when it is used. The purpose of the ring is to increase the resistance value, enhance the durability, improve the heat generation efficiency and the heat generation speed; the sealing material is mainly to prevent the magnesium oxide moisture absorption, the exhaust gas and the waste acid.

Step Process of Manufacturing

Once a heating element has been compressed, it cannot be recovered and is tested multiple times during the manufacturing process to ensure quality.
The three factors that influence the manufacturing process are the use environment, the temperature of use, and the purpose of use.

  • Step 1. Automatically winding the heating wire with a machine to uniformly fill the MgO powder between the heating wire and the heating wall.
  • Step 2. Shrink the pipe, use a lathe to remove the treatment plugs at both ends, and then use electrical equipment for electrical annealing.
  • Step 3. The Lead rods will be fabricated using specialized equipment,then detect resistance, voltage and size.
  • Step 4. Bake the tide, polish the heating element with a sander, check the polishing quality.
  • Step 5. The electric heating element is bent into a suitable shape and subjected to moisture treatment. Detect the overall insulation properties of the heating element.
  • Step 6. The welding insert is welded using a welding machine, sealed and passed through a corresponding moisture barrier.
  • Step 7. Finished product inspection: functional test, appearance test, size check.


The design of the electric heating element is mainly to let the person who knows nothing about the electric heating element through this electric heating element manufacturing process, can understand the basic electric heating knowledge, can carry out the simple operation, and will process some Emergency situations. There is no need to give hands-on guidance to each operator, only some precautions need to be explained, which greatly reduces the training of operators, saving time and cost.
Emphasize that the safety of your own DIY heating elements is completely unprotected. If you need related products, please contact us, whether it is 12 Volt or 240 Volt.

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