In daily use, electric water heaters, washing machines, electric fryers, electric boilers, coffee machines, electric kettles, etc., all of which use electric energy to heat objects are realized by heating elements.
So when your equipment is not heating properly, there is often a problem with the heating element.


A simple way to determine if a heating element is working properly is now described using a multimeter.

  • Step 1. First turn off the power of the device, preferably unplug the socket.
  • Step 2. Locate the instructions for your device, open the device’s case according to the instructions, and locate the heating element.
  • Step 3. Disconnect the heating element from the device.
  • Step 4. Set the multimeter in 1K ohm range.
  • Step 5. Detect if there is a leakage and let a probe touch a terminal on the surface of the component. Touch another probe to any metal part of the device. If the multimeter needle moves, the heating element has leaked. Must be replaced with new heating elements.
  • Step 6. Two probes are respectively in contact with the two ends of the heating element, and the pointer moves to a value in the middle to indicate that the component is normal. The pointer to the head indicates that the component has a short circuit, and the pointer does not move to indicate that the component has an open circuit, and the short circuit and the open circuit have problems and cannot be used normally. Must be replaced with new heating elements.


  • 1. Screwdriver
  • 2. Gloves
  • 3. Multimeter

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