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Screw plug heaters are a type of immersion heater that is designed to be screwed directly into a tank, water heater, or vessel. They are used for heating liquids and gases in industrial and commercial applications.

These heaters consist of an electric heating element, usually enclosed in a tube made of materials such as stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant alloys, which is then mounted on a threaded plug that can be easily installed or removed from the tank or vessel.

How Much Does Screw Plug Heaters Cost?

We offer a full solution for screw plug heaters: According to the appearance classification, Flanged Immersion Heaters allow them to be mounted onto a tank or vessel. Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters are designed to be suspended over the side of a tank or vessel, without the need for extensive installation. Screw Plug Immersion Heaters directly screw into the tank or vessel, providing a compact and efficient heating solution.

The Screw Plug Heaters’ price and cost depend on what technology you select, the manufacturer’s ability, the quantity, and the price of raw materials. We also accept customization of your design and brand. Please contact us for more details to order the best screw plug heaters suitable for your business.

We can offer the OEM/ODM services of our products. The product can be customized according to your personalized requirements, including the brand, label, painting colors, shape and power of the electric heating element, and packing box. Please offer your design documents or tell us your ideas and our R&D team will do the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

A screw plug heater is a type of electric immersion heater designed to be inserted into a tank or vessel to heat liquids or gases. It consists of a heating element, typically enclosed in a metal sheath and a threaded plug that allows for easy installation and removal from the tank or vessel.

Is an Immersion Heater Right for You? In fact, an immersion heater is expensive to run because it uses electricity as a fuel source, which is much more expensive than natural gas. If you’re worried about your spending. It is recommended that you use solar energy as an energy source.

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Joulemax focuses on the design, development, and manufacture of electric heating elements, thermostats as well as other related products. Our products have obtained CE and RoHS certification and the company has been ISO9001 certified.

Joulemax uses its own testing laboratory and a number of advanced testing equipment to conduct product testing to make sure of the high quality and pass rate of products. Under the strict management system, accurate delivery time is assured every time.

We strictly select our suppliers and strictly control the quality of each raw material and accessories including magnesium oxide, resistors, pipes and so on.