what is Cr20Ni80?

Cr20Ni80 is a special nickel-chromium alloy, which is a high-resistance electric heating alloy wire material with stable structural and electrophysical properties, and has good high-temperature mechanical properties, good cold plastic deformation and weldability, so there will not be a brittle fracture due to prolonged use. The alloy is widely used in industrial electric furnace, metallurgy, machinery, electrical appliances, aircraft, automobile manufacturing, military and other industries to make heating elements and resistance elements. It is mostly used to make household appliances and heat generators with operating temperature below 1000℃, which has a longer service life. Due to the high nickel content, the price is relatively high.


Key attributes

Chemical compositionC ≤0.08%; Mn ≤0.6%; P ≤0.02%; S ≤0.015%; Si: 0.75-1.60%; Cr: 20.0-23.0%; Fe ≤ 1.0%; Al≤ 0.5%; Ni: margin;
Maximum workload Temperature, ℃1200℃
Melting point, ℃1400℃
Resistivity, u·m 20°C1.18±0.05
Density 8.4 g/cm3
Specific heat capacity0.46J/(g.K)
Elongation, %≥20
Tensile strength≥650 Rm/MPa
Thermal conductivity15 W/(m.K) (20℃)
Linear expansion coefficient,
ax10 “6/℃ (20-1000°C)


Cr20Ni80 is the most ideal heating alloy with excellent ductility, workability and weldability at high temperatures and shock strength. It also has high and stable electrical resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to surface oxidation, and excellent coil forming ability.


Cr20Ni80 is used for electric heating elements in household appliances and industrial furnaces. Typical applications are flat irons, ironing machines, water heaters, plastic molds, soldering irons, metal sheathed tubular elements and simple elements.

  1. Electrical parts and electronic components.
  2. Electric heating elements (domestic and industrial use).
  3. Industrial furnaces up to 1200°C.
  4. Heating cables, mats and wires.


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